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Contax TLA 360

TTL is not supported on the TLA 360 Flash if you are shooting with the ND or N1 in Manual Mode. I don't believe the EC on the flash side works either if you are shooting w/ the flash in Auto Mode and the N1 / ND in Manual Mode. Does anybody have a work around for fill flash if you are shooting in Manual Mode on the N1/ND?


I kindly ask for a copy (PDF or anything similar form) of Contax TLA 360 instruction manual.

Anyone of You could help me, please?

Ciao Ugo,

Your best option is to go to www.oldtimercameras.com - they list a photocopy of the TLA 360 manual for around 13 Euros plus postage. The standard manual comes in English, French, German and Spanish - I'm certain that oldtimercameras won't have an Italian version.

The problem with trying to scan the manual is that it is 164 pages and is 'perfect-bound' which means that if you flatten it in a scanner, it will break the spine and the pages will drop out. I think the photocopy is your best option - unless someone here has a copy in pdf.

You can upload it within this forum in the section "Manuals, MTF Charts, Broschures etc.".

We introduced this new section especilaly for you, so that users can upload without any interaction of us. Also all old scan we made in the past can be found there...

You can scan & upoad each double page of the manual. Worst case, I will put it later in a better shape on a HTML page like the other ones, so that it is easier to screen through.

If the files are too big, send them to me and I will upload them.
Thanks to both of You.

I wrote in indecent English, I know, but I am able to read it much better, so I do not care if the manual is not in Italian.

If Sergei could upload the manual here, I think will be useful to someone else too.

Sure. Done. Uh, those were 164 pages to scan.

This is the best I could do, guys - its binding is not very much convenient to place it in a scanner. I did it in 200dpi - enough even for printing. Dirk, for some reason I don't see "Upload" link on the brochures page. But it's ok - I pleaced the archive here: http://24x36.org/manuals/TLA360.zip. I'll keep it there for a long time. Dirk, you may shrink those files to any size you prefer (ImageMagik+simple perl script may do that in a batch mode) and form a kind of book, like you did with RTS III and other manuals. BTW - only after reading the manual you published, I finally decided to buy the RTS III. Thank you.

the brochures pages are HTML and fix. There is no upload option except for me via the server.

You can upload the scan here in the forum as a new thread for each scan. Like posting a comment/ uploading a photo within a posting. If you give the thread a meaningful name of the document you scanned, it is easy for everybody to search and find:


Just click there on "start new thread"