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Regarding the request for donation - who is actually running/owning this site?

kind regards
Hi Øyvind,

I asked our Admin to answer this directly! ;)

See you with nice pictures


P.S. Uwe and I do not run the site. We just moderate it on a voluntary basis i.e. we do not make a penny here! ;)

We all do proper jobs ... nobody wants to become rich here! We all love photography!

Dirk has done a lot of efforts to set up C-INFO and our little (but constantly growing) SIGMA Community in particular. He has to pay for server and software licence alone.
Would be nice, if we could raise a little money to enjoy this advertising-free community in the future, too. Let's wait for Dirk's answer then!
Hi Øyvin,

yes, as Klaus said, I am "running" the forums. It started with Contaxinfo.com in 2002. I added over the years more forums with Sigma and MFpixel as the newest forums and all forums grew to the size as it is now.

We decided to start this donation campaign because without telling the people that this all costs money, nobody will think about it or even care.

Until now, we denied any kind of advertising on our sites. I just do not like banners on my sites. So I paid all the bills myself from my private money. There were a few donations here and there, but not as much as the bills I had and have to pay. So after 7 years of paying it all privately, I have to realize that this is as a hobby just too expensive. At least my wife and my bank account are telling me this every year :z04_wife:

This is why we start now to make it more public with the donation bar. We have now to think differently or as my wife would say "more logical" :z04_zeter01:

Best wishes

If you would not mind brining down the minimum Donation for the site to 10.5 euros or $15US...I can donate some now and possible a more later...

I don't have an issue doing this and I think a lot of other people might be able to handle smaller donations...right now...so we can meet our goal...

Thank you,

Tony C.
I'd also love to make a smaller contribution, but my main problem is related to not having access to PayPal.

That €25 equates to $47 here in Australia and my current medical expenses prevent me from meeting that request.

It seems a shame (after just returning), but if donations are required and I'm not able to honour that responsibility, I might have to refrain from using this site.

Regards, JR
Just a friendly request ... No MUST!

Hi Jim ... Hi All,

This is a very difficult point to argue about.


you are one of our community's earliest members at all. No one (except me :D) has done more (high quality) posts here than you.

You have always been helpful to others and your contributions and pictures really enrich this forum. You should not feel urged to donate ... just do so if you both (like AND can). :)
Feel free to participate!

So everybody is welcome here!

Those who like and can afford a donation ... please do so! :z04_herz:
See you with nice pictures

Klaus & Dirk,

Again, thank you for all your help....I was just wanting to see if you would lower the Donation amounts....I don't mind contributing...and I know this site costs money to continue...So I figured I might just ask about lowering the amount....so that atleast something shows up on the bar at the top :) ....if not know in a month I can do the minimum.....I just wanted to see if we could get this started....

Tony C.
I took a look at the Donate page and if you click to select a different amount from the default €25, at the bottom of the list is Custom where you get a field to enter the amount.

Money's been tight for me lately, but I'm hoping to pay what I can soon. This is a great resource and I want to keep it going.
Steaphany, unless they changed it...when you put another amount in it defaults to 25EUR Minimum I tried it last night...that is why I posted about lowering the limit....I just checked it and it still has the minimum as 25EUR

Please let me know if or when this changes...


Tony C.
Hi All,

give me some time to bring light into the dark!!

Indeed, I think it schould be possible to donate smaller amounts as well ... which should help as well. :)

Let me see ... I'm not all that firm with the new software option, too. :)