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First data of the new E500

Very cool! It sure looks like an EVOLT replacement, not an E-1 replacement. Surprising, but I bet we see a new pro-level announcement before long now. I wonder how many E-300 units have been sold so far... anyone have an idea?
I doubt that there will come an E-2 like DSLR within the next 6-12 months. Maybe for Photokina (announcement, not delivery).

But I guess Olympus has first to make some more profit in the mass market with cameras like the E-500 before they have again ressources for heavy investments like an E-2...

Just my 2 cents...
>In many ways it's good to see the 'popular' DSLR appearing first. If it's a success then more money for general DSLR development including the E-? However Olympus did say 2 new models would be out in this fiscal year (ends March 2006.) They've kept their word, here's the E-300 replacement. So it follows that the E-? will come along in good time. I for one am glad to see they've kept with 4/3rds. This takes courage in the face of all the unjust criticism. Power to you Olympus. Keep those E-system lenses coming - I might just be able to afford another. To be honest, I'm perfectly happy with my E-1, but I've spoken to the Bank Manager about a loan when the E-? arrives :) John F. > >
I have mixed emotions about this. First, I am still not sure if the "leaks" the past couple of days were real. There have been a number of people on another forum doing relatively high quality fake pictures of "new" Olympus cameras. Also, Olympus pulled the web pages relatively quickly after everything surfaced. Their site could have been hijacked.

Still these things tend to be leaked this way rather than officially announced in a more conventional way.

If it is real I am torn. On the one hand, I am glad that "my company" is at last waking up after sitting on their hands while the other companies brought out new model after new model.

On the other hand, the new camera, upsets me in a couple of ways. I have an E-300. I like it and plan to keep it for a long time. I admit that I was initially a bit put off by the unconventional porro mirror design, but it has grown on me. I like the fact that the camera is built very robustly. If the new camera has a conventional pentaprism, then Olympus is saying they made a mistake with the design of the E-300. Also, I like the robust build quality of my camera. The new one appears to be a plastic one like the 350D. (more on the porro mirror: if the goal was to make a smaller, lighter camera, the E-300 was touted as designed to be smaller and light than its contemporaries. Why not keep it with the new one then?)

The new model seems to be smart for Olympus as a marketing decision. The large untapped market will be for lower priced dslrs. But it's not an E-300 replacement as everyone seems to have hoped for.
I have my doubts as well, I could have very easily done the this composite. I was a little disappointed about his release, seeing as how absolutely fantastic my E300 is! As a matter of fact, I have two of these cameras they are so good. This fascilitates very quick focal changes.
The "true" rumors for a couple months have been to expect two new bodies by the end of 05, or early 06. If the E-500 is one and it's a low-end dslr, and if the E-1 replacement costs more than the E-1, what, if anything, will be in the middle?

I would like to see them do an improved E-300. Seems like they need something at the $999 price-point. Competition and lack (until now) of a D350 fighter have forced the price of the E-300 down. A better E-300 could sell at $999.
very cool, even though I am running a couple 300's(I am very happy with them) I can not see a reason to upgrade to the 500 as yet. looks like the sames specs in a conventional layout that the mass market will accept... I love my 300(s). nice new lens'... thanks Olympus!!!!

I've just been trying out my E-500 in Paris. A lot of the time the light was not too great, but I got some decent shots. More complex to work with than an analog SLR or a digital point-and-shoot, but it did pretty well. It tends to overexpose and bleach out highlights a bit, so I continually underexposed a bit (2 thirds of an f-stop or thereabouts), and set the contrast and sharpening each to minus one. Flash shots are perfectly OK, and it is stable enough to take evening shots of the Eiffel Tower against an almost black night sky hand-held. This shot: E-500, 14/45 mm zoom at 14 mm and f/3.5, 1/6 second, handheld, ISO 800 (while freezing in the waiting row for the elevator...). Shot in RAW, developed with RAWShooter. Resized to 25 percent and jpg-compressed factor 8 for uploading.