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First One


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I guess I’m the first one here.

Where is everybody from DPReview?
Hi Blufftonian,


Where is everybody from DPReview?

They are all sitting at dpreview. Totally desperated and frustrated because you did not yet invite them to us :z04-flucht:

Ah, but I did. Well, a few of them with private messages! :)
I guess I’m the first one here.

Where is everybody from DPReview?

I’m here.

I changed my user name to cyuill2023, from cyuill2007. I will be here as well as the other new site for a while. I don’t know if I will go to both, or pick one over the other in the long run. But it is nice to have places for the community to go to after the original site is shut down.
Welcome @cyuill2023!

I’m doing the same as you in that I have joined several new websites. I do like this one because of the familiar organization but it will probably depend on who shows up as members.
I'm hoping that we will soon see many more DPR refugees here, as well as some Nikonians that frequented DPR.