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Foveon Forever Foveon


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Mr. Kazuto Yamaki's statements in his interview by Dale Baskin (dpreview) at the annual CP+ exhibition (Japan):

"As recently as last year, you expressed optimism about building a prototype full-frame Foveon sensor by the end of 2022. How is that project progressing?

We're still working on the sensor technology, but we still don't have a prototype of a full-frame Foveon sensor. In 2019 we canceled our existing full-frame project and started it from scratch, and we started working on a new pixel structure.

We're also developing a new sensor wafer manufacturing process. Every time we make a prototype sensor, we find some technical issues, so we've been solving them and narrowing them down, but there are still a few issues. I hope we can solve those problems sometime in the near future, and after we've done that, we'll be able to make the final full-frame sensor.

Do you still aspire to build a full-frame Foveon camera?

Yes. Our customers are looking forward to it. Many issues must be solved, but I'd like to continue the challenge.

I've personally used a Foveon sensor camera. Now I mainly use the fp or fp L, but when I look back on photos I took with our SD or DP cameras with Foveon sensors in the past, I can see the difference in the pictures between the Foveon and Bayer sensors. I'd like to achieve a similar look with a modern Foveon sensor."

We are entering "The Twilight Zone" Smile

Full interview
I used in the past the Sigma SD14, SD15 and all DP models until the DP Merrill line. DP2M and DP3M were the last ones I used and the most loved ones, because of their image quality.

I was not a fan on how they changed the Foveon sensor after the Merrill line. I really hope, that they go back to their roots. And I hope, that they make sure that you can edit the files also with Lightroom and Capture one, not only with SPP.