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Fuji X100 - my new toy...



I just bought a Fuji X100 as a take-me-everywhere camera. Price is high, but images quality is very good. It has an APS-C sensor in it (presumably from Sony like in the D300), but the very thin AA-Filter and all the image algorithms are costumized by Fuji.

I have not used it very much, but for what I have seen so far, I am very impressed. Both with image quality and with the viewfinder & ergonomics.

Anybody else uses a Fuji X100?

Best wishes

George S.

I'd be interested if anyone here could do a review of the Fuji, it's been on my mind since it came out. I had juuust bought the E-PL2 or I would have gotten one. Certainly on paper, it seems to be quite capable and able to fill several needs in a 'take along' size package.



I will upload a few images over the week-end. First, 2 snap shots how the X100 looks like in comparison to Leica Minilux Zoom and Fuji F31D.

The Leica Minilux zoom is only slightly smaller than a Leica M6 (which I sold already so I can not show it here in comparison). But for a long time, the Minilux Zoom and Contax TVS have been the standard (in the analogue times) for Compacts with first grade lenses. So this gives you a first indication of portability.

The Fuji F31D is a great small digital P&S with 6MP. It was at that time one of the best for image quality in low light with high ISO. And as you can see, the F31D is REALLY tiny. Reminds me of the Contax T3 :)

Fuji F31 and Leica Minilux Zoom have both obviously zooms. The Fuji X100 has "only" a 35/2.0 FFL. But a good one ;)

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mmmhhh, I have on this netbook only GIMP and the images look not that good. But at least you get a first impression.

The viewfinder of the X100 is excellent. The hybrid modus practical, but I like to shoot with the optical VF. I am a kind of dinosaurier in this photo-world ;)

The framelines within the OVF are better visible than in my Leica M6 during sunlight! The additional information in the OVF a great help. Aperture, distance information, exposure compensation etc. etc. Really good to have these within the OVF.

It makes really fun to take photos with the X100. Very simlar Leica M-feeling, although there are many little details better on a Leica. But hey, you pay for a M9 also a little premium over the X100 ;)

High ISO with the X100 is VERY good. But what I like the most is the effect of the very thin AA filter in the Fuji X100. It reminds me often to the Sigma images with my SD14/SD15 with the Foveon sensor (the Foveon sensor does not need an AA filter). Not always, but often. And a lot more often than i.e. my Sony Alpha 850 or other DSLRs (except Leica M8/M9, which neither use AA filters).

With the few shots I have taken so far, the major complain would be some usabilty issues of the firmware (I am sure this will be fixed with the already announced next firmware update) but above all the exposure compensation ring. This turs too easily. Many shots got over or underexposed because of touching it when taking the X100 out of a bag.

So you have to concentrate and check this either outside or in the VF before taking the shot.

The X100 looks like a rangefinder, but it is not. It is basically a P&S. AF in very close distances not that easy and framelines are more an indication than a mathematical science. I wear glasses, so the Parallex problem is as always even worse with that technique.

You find on the net very good reviews alread. Marcel Reichmann for example:

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I am not a big fan of scientific tests. What counts for me is how the images look for me in print and on screen and the handling /ergonomics. Whethere noise is 2 bips worse or whether it can seperate 2 lines more does not matter for me. At teh end of the day, it is also always a question of image processing on the computer. The better you are with this, the better look the images.

Best wishes




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yeah, the X100 is quite expensive, but holds up well in resale value at the moment.

I am still satisfied with my X100. The AF could be faster, but there are every couple of months a firmware update and Fuji tries really hard to fix all issues the users want to change. Most of the user complaints have been already addressed with FW updates in the past.

There shall be a new FW update in January 2012. I hope that the improve teh AF even more, especiall with close focussing.

Image quality is really high. High ISO very good.

Fuji announced that they will bring a new X-system in spring 2012 with impressive IQ. Interchangable lenses. Now THIS sounds really good!

Best wishes


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I got a FUJI X100T as my first Fuji camera about four weeks ago . My first impression is just great although I could only take a few test shots yet .
With it I got the WA Converter as well as the TELE Converter .
What I could find out from the few testshots with the 23mm lens so far is , that horizontal lines show
a rather strong distortion in form of a wave line . This distortion can not be corrected a 100% in PSCS .

Are there any X100 users out there , who experience the same , and if so , how do you correct this distortion ?


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Hey jotloob,

I followed the X100T introduction with great interest, but so far it is too expensive and too special for my needs. There is more desire than us...