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Good Morning!


New Member
I'm new to the forum, but not to the Contax G series of cameras. After making the usual detour to all digital cameras, I've gotten back to my roots with film and my Contax cameras and great Zeiss lenses. My cameras are (digital)Leica d-lux5 for everyday briefcase carry. Also my G1 and 2 with a few of the zeiss lenses for everything else. After retirement I started a consulting company, and travel quite a bit here and abroad. My cameras are always with me. I hope to learn more about my cameras from you younger folks about using them more effectively. Anyway, good to be aboard.
Hi Cessna,

welcome to the Contax & Zeiss Community!

Did you know already that you can use your Contax G-lenses easily with a Soiny NEX and a Contax G-adapter in aperture priority and manual focus?

Best wishes