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Hello from Ab S from the Netherlands/ Sony Cybershot and Retouching

Ab S

Active Member
I am also coming from DPReview, still posting there until it really shuts down, but will start up here in parallel.
Currently photographing with the original RX10 (since 2016) and just ordered a RX10 iv. I shoot only RAW. Post processing with DxO PL6, mostly using optical corrections and DeepPrime (XD) NR only, export as DNG to Capture One for final editing. Occasionally using Topaz Photo AI or Sharpen AI (at the moment the latter I still prefer).

Hope to see here many 'old' friends from DPReview!


Hi and welcome from SE Wisconsin!

I used a similar process with my Lumix FZ1000, though I had an older version of DxO; it was called OpticsPro at the time. Their noise reduction technology is awesome.

Nowadays, I don't like to spend much time or money in post-processing, so I try to find cameras whose JPG output I like. When I shoot in low light, I shoot in raw too. I also try to bring my FF camera (Z6) when I know I'll be shooting in lower light, and then I rarely need noise reduction at all.

I admit it's sometimes not as convenient as the all-in-one lens was on my FZ1000.

Enjoy your stay.