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Hello from Beverwijk, The Netherlands


New Member
Hello everybody,

After years of thinking I finally bought a Foveon based camera. Not a SD14 but a Sigma DP1s. And I'm so happy with that strange looking camera!

And the results are superb! I also use a Pentax K20d. But now I like making photo's more with my DP1s.

I try to learn working with SPP. I see that the results with SPP are better then the results in LR.
Welcome and I look forward to seeing your picture on the forum...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Hi su0229,

welcome in the Sigma User Forum!

You got the right timing. Exciting times for Sigma users are in front of us. If you have not seen yet, a Sigma SD1 is coming.

We have especially for you even an Interview with Sigma in your mother language. Sigma seems to have expected that you are joining us.... :z04_9856:


In case there is important information for us in this video, please tell us because I do not speak your language!

Best wishes
Prices in Germany are at the moment lower then anywhere else, I think.

I bought mine for €239,-- at Foto Mundus in Germany. At ebay and Dutch marktplaats the prices for second hand camera's are much higher!

The German dealer Limal is currently selling tons of Sigma DP2s new with warranty for around 330-350 Euro. No matter how you bid, it always ends up in this price range ;)

Best wishes