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Hello from downunder…


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Well, helloooo there. Or here…

Cut my teeth in film era with a purely manual Voigtländer Vito B and Weston lightmeter, that’s how old I am.

Joined DPR when it started, around the time I sold all my film gear and started to go digital, but only for the lens tests and camera comparisons … not really fond of challenges or looking at other peoples random photos of birds flowers & bees.

Dropped out of DPR so long ago I have no idea what my old account was.

Several digital kits later, I’ve downsized to an OM5 and 4 lenses. And kept my now ancient LX5, such a sweet little camera, despite my iPhone now being vastly superior.

Enjoy landscapes, shooting family and kids in action, and dabbling in astro with a CMOS Astro camera (ZWO-ASI) on a couple of decent telescopes.

Yes I’m an Aussie, based in Sydney.
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