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Hello from SC


New Member
I am new to this forum and have been interested in photography since the late 60s. In the last 5 years, I hopped off of the Canon bus and onto the Sony bus because of the weight of my 5DII. The straw that broke the photographers wrist (well, it was just sore) was toting that behemoth all around on a trip to Ireland with a few of my monster lenses. I bought into the Sony system with the a6000 and was pleased by its light weight. At that time, Canon did not have any lightweight viable alternatives. The a6000 served me well until I started feeling like I didn't want to have to do lens swaps anymore (I am getting very lazy), so I got the the A7C which I am finding to be a very capable camera. I sold this plan to my significant other by saying one camera would shoot wide while the other would have a longer lens on it. Well, next trip after that purchase was Alaska and I didnt bring the a6000.

I shoot solely with zoom lenses as you may guess ... because I don't want to swap lenses out! I recently came back from a trip to Greece and Turkey and found that the newly purchased Sigma 24-70 f2.8 was a tad short for me. It was very surprising because my 5DII rarely saw anything other than the Canon 24-70 f2.8 mounted on it. It was my go to lens 95% of the time. My next problems are:
- do I want a 24-105
- do I want to keep the 24-70

On another issue, I had seen a host of videos on YouTube touting shooting at ISO 640 as it is the inflection point for a second set of gain processors that gets activated and will shoot better than say ... ISO 400 because of those second processors. I have not experienced that ... I am seeing more grain than I would expect at 640. Any thoughts?

thanks all