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Hello from Scotland


New Member
Hi everyone,
I'm Chris and I live in Northeast Fife in Scotland but spend as much time as I can in the remote Northwest of the country.
A lifelong Olympus fan, my main camera is the EM1 mk2 but I have the mk1 too and also the 4/3 E3 and E1, which I love.
I've recently got back into film using my original OM4Ti and OM3 from the 1980s but have also acquired a Nikon FM and a Canon T90. Both great cameras.
I mainly shoot landscapes and some wildlife. And have been a member, albeit low key, of DPR and other forums for several years.
Here's hoping for some enlightening discussions.
I’m a recovering film shooter too!
I like how B&W looks when shot on film, but it’s just too much effort sometimes.

Welcome, from SE Wisconsin!
I see what you nean. I love the feel and handling of my film cameras, and the process. But developing can be a hassle.
I only shoot about 1 film per week or less si I wait until I've got a batch and then develop half a dozen at a time. With stand developing it's not too much of a pain.
Totally worth it though.
Welcome Chris.Would love to visit Scotland.Have many books about it with beautiful pictures.