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Hello from the Netherlands


New Member
Hello, my name is Arthur, new to the forum and like to introduce myself. As a collector of manual focus slr´s from (roughly)the 1960´s to 1985 (especially Asahi Pentax, Canon, Minolta and Olympus) I became more and more interested in the legendary Contax brand. In the mid eighties I had a Yashica FX-D which was a nice camera. Recently I purchased a Contax Aria with Planar 1.4/50mm in near mint condition. I´ve bought this camera to (hopefully) get the ´Carl Zeiss-experience´ and looking forward for the first results. I also have a Nikon IV ED filmscanner for scanning the analogue output. Apart from the ´film cameras´ I use digital gear from Olympus (E-1 and E-330 with legendary 14-54mm) and Nikon D1x with its beautiful 17-35mm.
I admire also the other Contaxes (ST, RX, AX and RTS) and the beautiful G-system. In the mean time I have, apart from lots of bodies and lenses, lots of info collected about my favourite period of time (roughly 1960-1985) and I am still thinking to do something more with it (i.e. website, writing a book etc.).

Lookong forward to meet you.




Active Member
Hello Arthur,

nice to meet you here. I´m just in hurry, and hope to write again later.:)