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Hello from the UK!


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Hi - I'm Paul from Leamington Spa in the UK. I was a member at DPR for a long time, but only started posting there a lot when I got into L-mount late last year and found that DPR was one of the few places that had much of a L-mount audience. Thankfully, from the same stable as DP Review Clone, there is now the l-mount-forum which is developing very nicely.

But, I thought I'd register here too and see if I can help it grow. Question now is: "do I post to the L-mount sub-forum here, or over on the l-mount forum".

I also run a small m43 system (Pen-F and primes). But there are so many m43 sites to chose from. People keep saying that m43 is dead, but it seems to me it's as lively as ever!
Hi Paul,

you can post everywhere you want to :)

I guess the brand-community forums are more family-like and this dpreview clone is broader, which helps especially people who have not decided yet for a specific system. But everybody preferes different things. We offer everything :)