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Hello fron Flowchart, Sweden


New Member
Coming from DPreview where I was primarily active in the Open and Nikon Z forums.

At the moment in Spain (Tengo una casa pequeña aqui), where i unfortunately got ill a couple of days ago, but this is a good time for catching up with fellow DPR members :).

I've joined another DPR-Refugee board with a lot of good people but unfortunately I have problems with the interfacd of that site.
You will love the usability of DPRforum.com :daumenhoch-smilie:

Just test everything out. There are so many different features to make your life easier, that I even do not start to mention them. :)

Check the FAQ/ Help section for guidance, all the "have you seen...?" postings and expecially the image upload help. 10 MB file uploads for example.
Thank you! I must say that the forum software is looking promising indeed, I cannot wait to try it out on my computer at home instead of having to use my phone :)
Welcome Flowchart, from southeast Wisconsin, USA.

I don’t think you will have many interface problems here. Dirk does a fine job making sure things run smoothly.

Enjoy your stay!
instead of having to use my phone

If you do not find on your phone specific navigation points, try to hold the smartphone horizontal. Then some of them will appear. There is very limited space on a smartphone screen for navigation.