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Hello world

Hi Jim,


There is automatic anti-spam system with this software. As soon as you posted a couple of messages (I am can not say here the exact number obviously), you are able to put links.
But these are not many ;)

I will promote you to moderator status. wait a second...

And please do not forget:

I will promote you to moderator status. wait a second...

Play around with it and learn all the features. PM me, if you have questions.
That would just be a hidden forum with permissions set Jim. Very nice to see you here BTW.

At DPR, there was a forum visible only to mods where we could discuss matters among ourselves and with staff. Do you plan to replicate that? Or maybe it's already there...

is in place. Normally I have also guidelines for the moderators in it, but these are all in German :eek:

so I have to translate them first and I currently do not have time for this because of the dpreview shutdown.

I will try my best over the next couple of days.