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Hi all, you don’t know me, but…


I’ve been lurking on the dpr mf forum for a couple of years. I’m currently shooting with a Fuji GFX100s, and loving this camera system. I’d love to post some recent images, but I guess I have to post some messages before Im allowed.
looking forward to conversing with you all.
Hi macro Guy. That is what i was trying to do. the URL got caught in the spam filter. Maybe I wasn’t embedding correctply? The instructions say to copy and paste the url to embed the image.
The way I do it is I click on the image icon in the text editor and I paste the URL in the link field above the box where it says "drag your image"
HI AlanG,


Please read the FAQ. Click on the link in my signature.

Not all external webhoster work with the software. Use a more well-known hoster and it is very likely that it will work you by copy & paste the links into the textbox without clicking on anything before hand.
Apparently, I'm not able embed from my site. Although, when composing the post, the images appeared to embed properly, and are visible in edit mode.
Dirk, do the same size restrictions apply to embedded images as uploaded ones?
Dirk, do the same size restrictions apply to embedded images as uploaded ones?

No, not that I am aware of. But I am not 100% sure, because sometimes the programmers changes little things with an update. You can test and experiment in the sandbox/test subforum.
Let me see if I can embed from my site.


It worked!