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Hi from Boulder, Colorado

I am another long-time member of DPR . I joined in 2004, when I bought my first DSLR (Canon 300D), and have posted entirely too much in the last 19 years. I shoot with Canon cameras, mostly the M6II, R7, and R6II, and far too many lenses. My day job is being a philosophy professor at CU Boulder, but I also run a lot with a local training group (Revolution Running), and am the Stage Director, writer, and 'actor' for a local theatre group (Rocky Mountain Revels). I love taking pictures of people doing various things, at the university, running races on the roads or track, or in the theatre. I've also recently been trying to do more bird photography, now that I have two cameras (R7 and R6II) that are pretty well suited for that sort of thing, plus a decently long lens (RF 100-400 and 1.4X extender). I thought I had joined this site and written an introductory post a couple of weeks ago, but when I tried to sign in, it didn't recognize my name or email address, so I joined again.
I'm from the Denver metro area, went to college in Boulder, and have lived in the area for my entire life.