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Hi from Cyprus


Hi all,
Another refugee from DPR which I joined in 2001.
I am a full-time IT Consultant and a (very) part-time wedding photographer based in Cyprus.

My passion with photography started in 1970 when aged 11 I bought my first camera, a Petri 7s closely followed by a Canon QL17 rangefinder camera
Switched to digital in 2001 with a Canon G2 and then ran my wedding photography part-time job using Canon D-SLRs. In 2019 I decided to "retire" from wedding photography and gave most of my gear (Canon 5D Mkiii, Canon lenses) to my daughter who was starting out as a professional photographer. I downsized to the Canon EF-M mirrorless format and currently shooting (incl. the odd wedding) with Canon M50/M50Mkii, Canon and Sigma lenses and I absolutely love the format and the performance of the Canon M system. Apart from weddings, christenings and events, I love shooting fast-action sports like kitesurfing, mountain-biking, rallying, sailing as well as people and landscapes. I am also a keen DJI drone photographer (DJI Mini 3 Pro) shooting landscape images and "follow-me" videos of me trying to kill myself kitesurfing and mountain-biking