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I just bought Contax N1 system any advice for me

I turn the AF button to "M". Push it once to perform auto focus. Do it again if necessary for re-focus. This way, it safes a lot of battery juice.

Use the 2-sec self timer for Mirror lock-up if you need to.

The TLA-360 flash matches with the 24-85mm zoom perfectly. Get a stofen diffusor at http://www.stofen.com/

I set my custom function to have AE lock on the wake up button (the one below the shutter release)

Take it everywhere including oversea trips, even it is heavy. You will be rewarded.

Check out the 17-35mm zoom. I found that it's fun to use. A top performer in its class. But I use the 24-85 the most.
> Albert,

Very good advice, but I am curious as to why you have the camera wake up in AE lock mode? Is'nt that really risking some bad exposures?



The AE lock only works when you keep pressing the wake up button (on the LHS of the lens mount when the body facing you). It is an easy way for me to check the exposure reading when I move the camera around for composition, without flapping the AE lock lever. Also, sometime when I use the AE lock lever, I forgot to flap it back. It is a higher risk for me to ruin the rest of the roll.

If I were to use the N1 using 4 x AA batteries (in P9 grip) instead of the lithium batt, how long would it last?
> I use the P9 not with AA batteries, but with rechargable Nicads. This > is in my opinion the only way to work on the N1's economics... A full > load will do about 3 films, depending on number of days this will take > and outside temps. Just fine for the reports I'm doeing.
Hmm Edwin, thanks for the input. So based on 4 Nicads I can shoot 3 rolls? Wow then whenever I go for assignments I have to carry a hell load of batteries! Oh well...