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I'll start

Macro guy

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I got a 5d2 and I love it. I got magic lantern installed, which is quite helpful. It's awesome up to ISO 3200
Quite frankly, I don't even know. I don't require many features in my cameras. I also have the Fuji x-e2, which is mirrorless and the only big advantage is having a bright viewfinder in very low light. Other than that, there is no clear advantage for the type of work that I do.
I am atm full mirrorless in all my different systems (Nikon, Lumix FF & MFT, Fuj). But although the EVFs are quite good nowadays, I miss the optical viewfinder.

I have an XPro not just because I like it, but also because it is the only mirrorless camera with an optical viewfinder (beside Leica).