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Introducing myself

I'm a (very) long time DPR member. I joined in 2004, when I bought my first digital camera, a Minolta A2.
After the A2, I used a Canon G11, and switched to Nikon, using a P7100, P7800, V1, J5, and DSLRs (D40, D3300, D90, D7100, D7200).
I used to visit the Nikon Coolpix and Nikon 1 forums, since I seldom use my D7200.
During the last years, I was less and less present on the Nikon Coolpix forum, because I found that it became exclusively frequented by superzooms enthusiasts, shooting birds and animals, subjects I'm not interested in (from a photographic point of view).
I was stunned when I heard that DPR, the best photo site in the world, was closed. It was a shock.
But I'm glad to see that people of good will have reacted quickly and opened this one, on which I'm very happy to find my friends again.
See you soon