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Introducing Myself

Major Jack

Active Member
My previous name at DPReview.com, was Major Jack Reacher. I created my first logon here using that same name, but have since decided to slightly change it, and stop using Tom Cruises photo also. I did this just to protect this site from any potential conflict with me using that photo, and name.

So, I am now using MY photo, (yes, that is actually me now) and my own personal email to register. I will still keep my personal information private, because I simply do not like to share most of that information on the web. For those who knew me at Dpreview.com, you will now know me simply as Major Jack here. And, as I said, you will at least be able to know me somewhat, because the photo I am using is actually me now.

I will be spending my time mostly in the Retouching forum as that is where I like to participate. I want to THANK the new owners of this website for giving us the opportunity to continue our love of Photography, and hope to at some point, talk to those who are running this site. Many Thanks for the opportunity to participate.