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Is BBCODE Fully Implemented On This Forum?

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Danno B

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I have just registered and have been exploring the site to find my way around. I am from DPReview Forums :)

I notice in the post editor I can toggle BBCODE on and off from the toolbar. I would mostly use BBcode to customise posts with images to look like something as shown below. To me it's much more user friendly when there are multiple images in a post if I can set the display size and lay them out side by side rather than vertically.

That is easily done using BBcode using the tag but you need the url to the uploaded image which inserting an image through the normal process does not show. I cannot find how to see the url for the image below if I wanted to customise how it is displayed using the "img" tag in BBcode.
In my experience forums implement BBcode ranging from not at all to various degrees of functionality.

For the "img" tag to display the image you need to add the uploaded image's url to the "img" tag. For example

To what extent is BBcode implemented on these forums and specifically is the "img" tag and its "style" attribute (used to size and position the image) enabled?

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I do not use BB code. So I can not tell you. I always use the internal features of the software already provided.

See also in our Help/FAQ section:

And also check the BB codes there:

Thank you for your reply dirk :)

I had already worked out how to upload images from my computer so that wasn't the issue.
After attaching an image file using "Attach files" and then inserting the image in the post, the actual code I see for the attached image when the post editor is in edit mode is
[ATTACH type="full"]65[/ATTACH]
The 65 is the reference to the inserted image and so the image displays correctly when I go into Preview mode but to use the "img" tag in BBcode I need the actual pathname to the uploaded or inserted image to insert in the "img" tag so I can stylise it.

For example if I wanted to display two images side by side as per example in my original post (without the drop shadows and borders) I would first upload the two images using "Attach files" and then insert them anywhere into the post. After inserting them I would normally see the pathname to the images (as on many other bulletin boards) and copy the pathnames to a temporary text file on my pc.
Then after deleting the above code, I would use the following BBcode to size the images to say 40% of the browser window width and display them side by side like this using BBcode:
[img style="width:40%;float:right;"]pathnameForImage_1[/img]
[img style="width:40%;float:left;"]pathnameForImage_2[/img]

But unless I can see the pathnames to the inserted images so I can copy/paste them into the "img" tags I cannot control how the images are laid out in a post.

Is there any way to upload/insert images so that we can see the path names to the uploaded or inserted images?
Is there any way to upload/insert images so that we can see the path names to the uploaded or inserted images?

I am only aware of the standard way the software is offering to upload images, sorry
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