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Maybe worth a separate thread....


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(I already posted this question in another thread here, but it seems to go unnoticed. So maybe worth a new thread).

Like I said before, I own 2 strobes ((Godox AD400pro and AD300pro). With the Godox AD400pro for maybe a parabolic light shaper, what second light shaper would you choose for the AD300pro? I was thinking about a simple striplight (maybe hair light and background lighting). Not sure what size though. What’s your idea?
thank you.
Thank you Dirk...I hope so.
At least this thread is "on top" in this forum again (although not a frequently visited forum )
It all depends on what you're shooting, how much space you have and the type of results you expect to get. If you're just starting out, I would recommend 40-50" deep, white, reflective umbrellas, barn doors and snoots. That's a very flexible setup that you won't outgrow for years to come. It allows you to do hard light, soft light and anything in between.

Hope that helps