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Mostly here for the Sigma talk

But I'm also interested in astrophotography (AP), and making big - real big - landscape panoramas. For those, I generally use a Pentax K-1, with pixel-shift and focus-stacking. I also like the Pentax for AP because the controls are well laid out and easy to use in the dark.

I've been looking for a small, light travel camera to replace my ageing Sigma DP Merrills, and have settled on an Olympus E-M5III. I was more than a little skeptical about M43 cameras, but so far, so good.

my photos online: pbase.com/davidwright2000
Now, how about an "Abstract" forum? There was none in DP Review, and so there is none here, but it'd be nice.

A crop from a single image of a natural (organic) object, with colors manipulated:


We are discussing atm the forum structure internally. We will probaly do a survey today or tomorrow to get a better feeling what is in the highest demand.
Welcome David, from SE Wisconsin!
I like your photos!

I was a Pentax fan for a long time; they really put a lot of thought into their designs. Now, I'm shooting M43 (EM10.3) and FF. (Nikon Z5)

For a travel camera, an Olympus E-PL camera with the Zuiko pancake motor zoom lens might be a good option; it's a great little lens for daytime. Then a 17/1.8 for when night falls.

Enjoy your stay.