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Need quick advice



Hi All,

I have been trawling ebay for a cheap second body like M3 and then pick up 35mm 'Cron.

I currently have a fairly mint Chrome 0.85 M6TTL and an old version 50mm 'Lux. Previous bought my M6TTL for USD1450 from ebay. Thinking that I'll pick up a cheap 2nd body and 35mm lens.

But dilemma now is that I've been offered a second chance for a previous bid on a fairly mint chrome MP 0.85 for USD1780. The top bidder can't pay.

My thinking is that I can buy this really good ex&le of MP (read a review that given choice of M3 or MP ... get MP if you can afford it) and sell off my M6TTL to recoup some money. Then look for another M3 as cheap second body.

What do people think about the USD1780 price?

A good upgrade from M6TTL to MP?

Any comments are appreciated. I've been reading the forum for awhile and haven't yet written to it. I guess this is when I needed fellow users' help.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Also validating the authenticity of this second offer with owner at the same time. In case it's a fraud aimed at targetting second highest bidder.

It's certainly a tempting offer.

William, you can't use a 35 on the M3 without the bugeyes. Well, I guess you could but you have to guess since the M3's widest framelines is the 50. You might also check into using an escrow service for the purchase of the MP.
Hi William: How does one answer a "cri de coeur"? If you've a burning desire for the MP go for it. However, having both the MP and an M6TTL, I can tell you that the flash possibilities on the TTL are occasionally useful. Of course, you will see absolutely no difference in the photos you take, and the M6TTL is a wonderful machine. Boils down to what you like to have, and what feels "best" in your own hands. Obviously there is more to your question then a quiery as to the best instrument for taking pictures, and it is entirely likely that there is no rational answer that will ring true for you.

Let us know what you decide to do, and how things are going. Hope you get what you truly want.

Thank you Ellie,

Just confirmed that was a fraud. The top bidder is going to pay for his purchase. Just highlights that fraudster are also on the lookout for easy money.

I guess I don't have to make that choice any more.

... perhaps an M3 ... perhaps a 2nd lens ... so many temptations
I was looking for a second body to accompany my M7 and I settled on the CL for its size and price. I really like it, not the same as my M7 or my old M2, but a great second body. I have nothing but praise for the 40mm Summicron either! It never seems to leave the CL as it covers the 35mm and 50mm close enough.

Check out the CL, it will leave you enough spare change for a new lens too :)
I presently use a Bessa T as a second body to my
M7,of course it is noisier than a Leica and it feels different in your hands, but you can buy it for $ 175 new ,from Mr. Gandy.You can't get a second hand M3 in good nick for less than 850 euros here in Italy.
Following on from what Jim Arnold said, if your ambition is to use a 35mm lens why don't you look for a s/h M2 rather than an M3? That fact that the M2 sets the 35/50/90mm frames is suposedly what caused photojournalists in the 50s/60s to favour it over the M3.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

It's a good reminder that I shouldn't exclude Bessa T from my consideration.

Though I'm still favouring the M2/3 (Thanks Mike) as I think that body will do well with my 50mm 'Lux. While the 35mm gives me a wider view and the 35mm 'Cron has quite a reputation. (can't afford the wider ones yet). That 35mm can go with my M6 TTL.

My other lens is CV 15mm which will go nicely with either body as I've got a VF with that lens.

So no problem with shooting both B&W & colour at the same time.
William: I might contact Ebay to insure that other innocent bidders aren't taken in by this seller. Might you post the name here for all of us to file away?

Great suggestions regarding the Bessa as a back up body. I think your problem is probably solved....