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new Contax owner


New Member
I've logged into your site since I am a new owner of a Zeiss Contax IIa. I know nothing about Contax and very little about film cameras. I'm fairly new to the camera world, receiving a Pentax Kx for Christmas year ago. I don't know anyone to check the camera. It looks outstanding, in fantastic condition. I inherited it from a death in family and I know it's been in a dresser drawer for many years. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Active Member
I do not have the model you quote, but in a camera book dated 1991, it is described as " a superb 35mm camera produced at Stuttgart." Manufactured between 1950-61. 2 models made. No.1 model had black numerals on the shutter speed dial. 2nd model similar to first, but the nos. on the shutter speed dial were in colour. 1s-1/25s-black; 1/50s- yellow;1/100-1/250s -red.
The book shows a 1991 value of $310 for the first model; The second model shown as $400. The 2nd model is also shown with a value of ***, and rarity of ***.

The value and rarity star rating run from * to *****. The 5 star being the best. I think you will find film use better than digital.