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New Home for the CIC Challenge needed

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Historically, the CIC challenge developed and stayed in the Canon Forums.
The current, and last one in DPR, is at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/66962947
We host the photos on pBase which works well for us.

But we have evolved to where we are not Canon DSLR only, submitters have used Sony's and Smart Phones for instance.
We are a small group that doesn't take ourselves seriously.

So this is a good time to find a new home.
In addition, I believe there are still versions of other photo sharing challenges scattered among the hardware forums.

We could put a thread in the Challenge Forum, but it is not a DPR challenge.

We could put a thread in the Challenge Forum, but it is not a DPR challenge.

Yes of course, why not?

Please bear in mind that we only copied the exact names of all the forums and subforums of dpreview here in this clone that it is easier for you to feel at home in the first months. For me it does not matter if it is an "official" challenge or not. Depreview is history in around 2 weeks. We have to look forward.

I am pretty sure that some of the subforums will be improved/re-organized depending on the wishes and new demands of the community here.

Nothing is set in stone here. Everything is possible. One step after the other. With the right priorities.
Not open for further replies.