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New SD14 R


Hi all,

I'm a N00b here, a long time SD10 owner, the Sigma disease has me well and truly in its grip.

I have just ordered a new SD14 R from Luis :proud: I just have to work on my lense collection now. I have bought a 28mm 2.8 Elmarit, and am looking at a 35-70 Vario, a 60mm Macro and the list goes on :z04_sabber:

I just wanted to tell some one, can't wait to get the new camera.


Your gona love it...!!! I have the SD14 Nikon F mount from Luis....and love to shoot it....

I look forward to viewing your pictures...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thanks Tony,

I need to pick the brains of SD14 owners in regards to accessories. I will need extra batteries, do you have any recommendations for cost effective batteries?

I have just ordered the viewfinder magnifier, so new toys arriving all the time.


I use the generic NP-400 batteries they work very well...get yourself a grip...well worth it...check ebay for both....

I actually found some 1750Mah batteries...they give about 25 to 30 more shots....

Tony C.:z04_cowboy:
Pentax D-LI50 are the same, Jessops UK cleared their Pentax stock, going as low as £/$3 each. Check ebay they're turning up.

The new line of Ansmann-Pentax batteries are actually even better and cheaper. I have to check tomorrow for the exact product name. They are improved for the recharging cycles so that after i.e. 300 recharges, the maximium achievable level does not drop too much...

I have the battery grip for teh SD14 here. But I am not sure whetjer I like it. You need to put 2 batter in it and teh it is heavy and bulky. depending on the lens you are using withit, it might be too bulky.

In Germany they are very expensive by the way...

best wishes
My new SD14 R arrived this morning :proud:

Hopefully i will get some time on the weekend, to get familiar with it. Unfortunately i am still waiting on 2 of my new lenses to arrive, so at the moment i only have a 28mm 2.8 and a bellows.

When my macro lens arrives, i hope to dabble with some macro photography, i have never thought about it before, but it is now looking appealing :z04_photos: