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New Zeiss at Photokina


On the www.zeiss.de website (English version). Go to the "Photography" then the "Photokina 2004" pages. They say they are "Back With Passion" and talk about their solution to a "flexible camera system with perfect optics". They will have an ex&le on the web page on 5 September. They also say they will have lots of innovations at Photokina and "Prepare to be astounded." Digial/film modular SLR? Contax? Hassleblad? Rollei? or Zeiss brand name? Wait and see.
OK, they have a "puzzle picture" in the "Back With Passion" article. I say Zeiss is coming out with a digital rangefinder ... I'm betting with interchangeable lenses, since they mention a flexible solution.

I'm going to get no sleep these coming days until they let the cat out ... grrrr!

I checked a few minutes ago (Tues, Sep 7) and this is what the exhibitor lits said under Yashica/Kyocera:

- Digital viewfinder cameras - Digital SLR cameras - Compact cameras - Medium format cameras - Single lens reflex cameras

hmmm. digital viewfinder cameras ... also notice digital SLR cameras!

That's been their entry for several weeks. I believe Digital Viewfinder Cameras are the point & shooters. Also they consider the 645 as a Digital SLR in their product website, but I'm crossing my fingers ...

One nice thing to note is that although Kyocera has completely disinherited, disavowed and buried the N Digital (talk about a neglectful and irresponsible a.k.a. deadbeat parent!), Zeiss shows it prominently among its N lens brethren.

Thank you, Carl Zeiss.
Here's the CZ Photokina 2004 exibition list:

- Digital SLR cameras
- Compact cameras
- Lenses for digital receiving systems
- Lenses for large and medium format cameras
- Lenses for video cameras
- Lenses with fixed focal length
- Lenses with variable focal length
- Adapter for digital cameras
- Soft focus lenses
- Binoculars, telescopes
- Magnifiers
- Prismatic glasses
- Other optical products and trade goods for specialized photographic trade
- Other accessories for optical products and trade goods for specialized photographic trade
- Telescopes

Notice the cameras - is that because they show other make cameras that take their lenses, e.g. Contax? Anybody remember what they listed for 2002?