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Not all those who wander are lost


I wandered over here from DPReview and my old screen name survived the journey. Back on DPR I was mainly in the Kodak, Minolta, and Nikon 1 forums. Happy to be here.


I used to have the Minolta 7D and I really loved it. The colours were great and the 6MP sensor at that time really enough. Nice handling etc. After that I bought the Sony A850/A900 and you could see clearly, that this was still designed from the Minolta engineers.

There is a reason why Leica contracted Minolta in the 70ies to design Leica CL/Minolta CLE and later Leica R4/R4 They just know how to do it.
I anxiously await more information on the new Minolta and Kodak cameras that are heavily advertised, but seem to be almost ignored by photo discussion sites. Thought maybe that was what this forum was about.
no, there was a life before Sony decided to buy Konica-Minolta to enter the photo business ;)
I'm aware of that, used to use Minolta SLR 35mm film cameras. My last film camera before digital was Minolta. I was referring to the new Minolta/Kodak line of point and shoots. Apparently made by same mfg, but seem to be stepping in where major mfgs, left a hole.
That is weired. Look slike a rebranded chinese product. I even do not know whether the logo is the real one of Minolta. Maybe the patent on the name is not valid anymore or Sony just sold it?