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OT: Anyone else get rate hikes by State Farm Insurance?


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I bought a 2022 Subaru WRX last year. (love it)

This year, State Farm jacked my rates up high enough that it triggered my state's legal limit and they had to break the rate hike into two pieces. Have other State Farm customers here found that?

When I call them and ask why (I have no accidents or even claims) they say the rate has changed for my car.

However, I feel like it might be "The Rogers Rate" taking effect. (they are paying US National Football League stars a lot of money to do commercials for them)

Now, it's time to start shopping for insurance again, just to make sure.
I discovered this year that I have now reached the age where I am considered 'high risk'. Doesn't matter that I had no tickets or accidents in the past 50 years, I'm just old.
We have one insurance agent who handles our home/vehicles/camper. He called us before sending our new policies and told us not to pay it until he looks around. We have Farmers for the vehicles….hope he can find something cheaper!

I'm generally inclined to just go with the flow. My wife examines every insurance renewal. Usually they try to jack the rates every year. This year after years with Liberty Mutual we switched to Progressive for the same coverage at much less per year THROUGH THE SAME AGENT!! Go figure.