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Announcement Over 1.000 members in 14 days!


Dear members,

we have now over 800 1.000 members at DPRF:z04-dance00:

We started late. Therefore 1.000 members within only 14 days is very impressive!

Keep going and spread the news :spread-the-news:

Not everybody knows yet about our existance.

Dpreview will close tomorrow on April 10th. - Today is the last day you can reach your friends there. :z04-smilieparty:

Just tell everybody what you like here. Please be kind and respectful at the same time.

We just want to make sure, that everybody knows, that there is a lot of choice out there. Not only us - but also us!:daumenhoch:

P.S.: The first photo contest will start soon. More details on this soon...