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Press release no 1 24062003


Amsterdam, 24 June 2003 – Highest quality and flexibility go hand in hand with the Olympus E-System. The professional digital SLR system, based on the Four Thirds Standard, provides the versatility to capture the shot – whether in the studio, on location or at that special event. To complement the introduction of the Olympus E-1, the first camera adhering to the Four Thirds Standard, a complete system world of dedicated accessories is being concurrently launched. No matter for what niche of photography, the Olympus E-System offers the fitting additions to provide the versatility and high-quality results demanded by the most ardent professional user.

A solution for any situation

With interchangeable lenses, flash units and special options for power supply, viewfinder and shutter release, photographers are assured of full system expandability. In this way, they may customise their Olympus E-System digital SLR according to their specific field of business. And the investment is secure: the rapidly growing range of Olympus E-System accessories is based on the Four Thirds Standard – the world’s only open standard for professional digital SLR photography.

ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses

Boasting a heritage dating back to 1935, over the years the ZUIKO brand has earned a legendary reputation for premium optical performance. This standing continues in the digital SLR domain with the Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses. Their professional-grade specifications are the guarantee for photographers to obtain results that are second to none.

ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses are designed exclusively for Four Thirds. This ensures that all are optimised for any camera based on this standard. Unlike lenses originally designed for use with conventional camera systems, the ZUIKO DIGITAL models feature the high resolution necessary to maximise the performance potential of digital cameras’ image sensors. Moreover, thanks to telecentric optics, light beams hit the sensor surface virtually at right-angles to ensure images are free of cornershading. The standards prescribed by Four Thirds furthermore enable lenses to be produced featuring a large aperture yet with approximately only half of the bulk and weight of their ‘analogue’ counterparts. And to provide protection from the elements, each ZUIKO DIGITAL lens is splash-proof.

The current range includes (35mm equivalent values in brackets):

• ED 300mm, F2.8 tele (600mm)
- 13 elements in 11 groups (incl. 3 ED elements)
- Neutral, ND4, ND8 and polarising filters incl. as standard equipment

• ED 50mm F2 macro (100mm)
- 11 elements in 10 groups (incl. 1 ED element)
- 0.51x maximum Image magnification (macro function 1:2)

• E 14~54mm, F2.8~3.5 zoom (28~108mm)
- 15 elements in 11 groups (incl. 3 glass aspherical elements)
- Zooming effected via zoom ring rotation

• ED 50~200mm, F2.8~3.5 zoom (100~400mm)
- 16 elements in 15 groups (incl. 3 ED elements)
- Zooming effected via zoom ring rotation
• E 11~22mm. F2.8~3.5 zoom (21~44mm) (available by end 2003)

A teleconverter and extension tube are also available:

• EC-14 Teleconverter
- Rear converter boosts focal length by 1.4x
- 6 element, 5 group design ensures superior sharpness of master lens is retained

• EX-25 Extension Tube
- For close-up photo shooting with ZUIKO DIGITAL 50mm macro lens to achieve maximum image magnification of 0.98x (macro function 1:1)

A range of lens accessories such as lens hoods, caps and cases round off the current line-up. Many more ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses are planned for the future. And because the Four Thirds is a standard open to all manufacturers, it is expected that lenses from other providers will be appearing shortly too.

Flash units

To ensure wide-ranging shooting capabilities for professional applications, a variety of external flash units and accessories are being launched that are dedicated to the Olympus E-System.

• FL-50
- GN50 at 42mm (equiv. to 85mm on 35mm camera) / GN28 at 12mm (equiv. to 24mm on 35mm camera)
- TTL auto, auto and manual modes can be set
- Bounce and swivel head
- FP mode – enables flash synchronisation at even the highest shutter speeds (1/4,000 sec. with Olympus E-1)
- Automatic adjustment of flash coverage to correspond to image area when zooming
- Built-in diffuser can be used to obtain wide-angle coverage at 8mm (equivalent to 16mm on a 35mm camera)
- Flash intensity control (e.g. in 1/3EV steps with Olympus E-1)
- Multiple power options – AA batteries, LB-01 lithium battery pack, SHV-1 fast-charging high-voltage set, FP-1 flash power grip

• Ring Flash RF-11
• Twin Flash TF-22

Assorted cables, adapters and grips for the flash units are also available for versatile and comfortable shooting.

Power supply accessories
Whether for studio work or out in the field, there is an Olympus E-System power supply option to suit.

• Battery Pack BLM-1 (included with the Olympus E-1)
- 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Olympus E-1 body

• Battery Charger BCM-1 (included with Olympus E-1)
- Dedicated lithium-ion battery charger: Recharges the BLM-1 battery in approx. two hours
- International power supply compatible with 100~240V AC

• Power Battery Holder HLD-2
- For the high-capacity BLL-1 lithium-ion battery
- Features shutter button, main dial, sub dial, AE lock button and AF frame selector for easy shooting when camera is rotated 90° for vertical-portrait framing

• Battery Pack BLL-1
- High-capacity 3400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- For use with the HLD-2 power battery holder

• Battery Charger BCL-1
- Dedicated lithium-ion battery charger
- Recharges the BLL-1 battery pack in approx. two hours
- International power supply compatible with 100~240V AC

• AC Adapter AC-1
- Dedicated 9V AC adapter for Olympus E-1 body
- International power supply compatible with 100~240V AC

Miscellaneous accessories

More options exist that enable the Olympus E-System cameras to be tailored to suit individual demands:

• Focusing Screen FS-1/2
- Newly developed neo-lumi-micron matte focusing screen with approx. 20µm pitch hexagonal micro lens
- Careful control of matte surface diffusion characteristics ensures a bright view for easy recognition of correct focus, with natural blurring of out-of-focus elements
- FS-1 is standard screen, included with Olympus E-1
- FS-2 features a 48-cell grid pattern for precise framing and image composition

• Eyecup EP1/2
- Multi-coated protective glass
- Bayonet mount for easy yet secure attachment
- EP-1 is standard Eyecup, included with Olympus E-1
- EP-2 is large, flexible rubber cup to provide enhanced protection against extraneous light, regardless of whether camera is held in horizontal or vertical position

Dedicated to the specific requirements of digital SLR photography, Olympus E-System accessories provide genuine, professional flexibility. Photographers can be assured of a future-proof range of lenses and other accessories that does not make any compromise in terms of quality.

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