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S50 vsCanon G3 Canon 10D D60Nikon D100


For those who own and used the Canon S50 already a lot, what is your impression compared to your own analogue system?

And - in case you have one - how does the S50 perform against a Canon G3/ Canon 10D/ D60/Nikon D100 etc.?

Got a canon S50 on May 9th to gain features not found on my Sony Cybershot S70 i.e. burst mode, time lapse and faster shutter speed. The image quaility is as good as or better than the Sony. I am very pleased with the color balance and the burst mode has been able to catch moving nephews, cat, nieces and dogs quite nicely. If you are going to use the burst mode very much, you will want as large a CF card as you can get. I am using a 512mg and like the ability to shoot all day with no stopping to down load.

I have owned the S50 as soon as it came out few months ago. I do like the quality of the pictures; however, I am very disappointed with the function/control of the camera. I expected it to be similar to my SLR control, since it had TV, AV and M controls. The focusing is very slow and it's very difficult to focus use DOF. I use it solely as a point-and-shoot camera. If you need more function and control, I would lean towards dSLRs.