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Sigma EF-500 DG ST doesn't like my Nikon D200


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Hello again!
It's been a while since the last time i've posted.
Got something new to bother you with.
As I found my SD14 not verry well suited for 1600+ shots vacations I've got an Nikon D80 to fill the gap. Don't worry, this it has to do with Sigma. Because I like the EF-500 DG Super on the SD14, I've bougt an EF-500 DG ST for the D80. Everything worked perfect until I've made a deal an got myself an D200 - Nice camera, bad flash :z04_kommmalherfreun.
The flash stopped working. It flashes when I press the TEST button, works perfect on another D80 and the D200 works with other flashes. When I connect the flash to the D200, the zoom works but the LED indicating the focal length flahes and the camera flashes the lighthning bolt on the shoulder display (it should stay on, not flash). When I press the shutter, the camera focuses, but uses the on-cammera AF-assist lamp, and doesn,t take any shots.
By the way the flash is an NA-iTTL version of EF-500 DG ST and doesn't work in any mode (iTTL, MH or ML).
What do you think it's wrong?
You might have a bad hot-shoe connection on your D200...someone might have put a 5volt flash on it and burned out some of the circuits....

You stated the flash works on other camera's....does the D200 work in TTL and Auto with other flashes or just manual...??

You should be able to put the flash in manual mode and it should fire off the center pin...

Another test...you can do is cover up all the other pins except the center one with tape...and see if the flash fires in manual mode...

Good Luck hope this helps a little...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Yes, I did. I've sold the EF-500 wich worket great on the buyer's D80 and bought an SB-600. Kind of an expensive downgrade, but that did the job.