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Sigma FP

Hi Roger,


People come slowly over, as soon as they get informed of this place. So the best way to speed this process up would be to go over to dpreview and

There is also the l-mount-forum, which is dedicated to the system.

https: //l-mount-forum dot com/community/
l-mount-forum.com is where I heard most of the DPR L-Mount refugees ended up, and I joined there, but I kinda hope they end up coming to here or one of the other general sites; I'd rather not have to keep up with any more sites than I have to.
but I kinda hope they end up coming to here
I do not think so. In a such tiny niche market, most LMount users will prefer a seperated LMount only forum.

This is why we offer L-Mount-forum.com.

But everbody can choose whatever he prefers. We offer both. Same software, same usabilty. Very easy to be on both if you want to.
I am here and also on the other fora. I figure join now while I have the addresses and things will sort out or whittle down later.
Yes it is extra hassle, but a worse hassle would have been to have no place at all.
I do not post much, but I am here. Perhaps that will change in the future.