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Sonybs new DSCF828 uses Zeiss T lens


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Just learned from dpreview that Sony has just announced its new flagship prosumer camera DSC-F828 to replace the very successful F717. The most interesting feature I found about this new camera is that it consists of a Carl Zeiss VS T* mechanical zoom lens! Its equivalent focal length is from 28-200mm f/2.0-2.8. Furthermore, it has 8 megapixels and instead of the popular RGB color filter, it has now introduced the four color RGBE (the addition of emerald) filter, which is supposedly better in color rendition. Finally, it also accepts CF cards as well as microdrives, not just the limited memory sticks.

I think Zeiss is now considering establishing an even closer partnership with other camera makers like Sony, perhaps after reading our recent intellectual discussion on its future business strategy. I would wonder what Kyocera's role would be with respect to Carl Zeiss lens in the years to come.

Take a look if you have time, I personally think this is a very interesting release of this year.

This does look an interesting camera. I am looking forward to seeing reviews. It might be just what many of us have been waiting for to go digital and at the comparatively "reasonable" price reported of around £900 when due to be released in November. I would have to sell some Contax gear to justify the expense of buying it though.
In view of its apparently astounding Carl Zeiss T* lens, I would think that it would be legitimate to discuss it in this forum even though the camera is a Sony rather than a Contax especially in view of the discussed potential for further Zeiss liaison with other manufacturers in general. Does Dirk agree?
Hi John,

we will go online tomorrow with a Sony camera website (www.cybershotinfo.com and www.cybershotinfo.de). It might be better to discuss it there. But it is obvious difficult to draw the lines sometimes since there are some overlappings

At the end of the day we hope that there will be also in the Sony Forum a lot of discussions, but for Contax users there is of course a natural desire as soon as Zeiss is involved.

Just use for the Sony forum the same username/login as for the Contax forum, so it gets easier to remember...

I am sure that we will be over the next 12 months more and more interesting things from Sony and Zeiss
Thanks Dirk. I will certainly join the new Sony forum and I'm looking forward to it.