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Stain on sensor

Just bought, not a month yet, a new Ditigal Rebel and sorry to discover stains on the pictures. Since the stains always appear at the same places, they seem to be on the sensor.

Tried another lenses and the spots are still there.

I called the store that sold the camera to me and had it replaced after lots of talking.

Guess what, there is still a spot on the pictures... only one but it still is annoying...

The cameras are brand new, out of the box.....

I contacted Canon and they told me that they've never seen this.

At the store, they told me that it would take at least 4 to 6 weeks to have the sensor cleaned by Canon.....??????

Has anyone ever seen this kind of problem???
I also have a brand new Rebel....about 3 weeks old. I've taken several hundred pictures and have not had a problem. Could you send me a pic with the spot you're seeing?
I'd be glad to send a picture from both camera. The first had 4 round spots and the new one have only one but it's still is annoying.

I'll need your email because there quite big and I think I can't insert them here.
Hi everyone,

I found a way to show you the pictures without having to send them through email.

I've set up an album on hpphoto.

Here is the link to the album:

I've marked the spots with a red arrow on the pictures. The spots appear as a round, slightly darker than the surrounding color, "spot".

You can view the original size photos by clicking on the picture and then click on original size at the bottom right corner


I looked at your photos and it is very hard to see the spots because of the image size.You can put your images on "photozo.com" and the images are considerably larger.The photos you upload can be a maximum size of 700 pixels on one side and a maximum size of 180kb.This is a free site.I am a member here and it is avery good.

Hi Jae,

You have to click on the picture and then user the original size link at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Take a look at the attachment and you'll see the "original size" link



It's cloudy this morning and I took sky shots, all grey. I uploaded these picture on the hpphoto site so you can see them.

I've also marked the spots with big red arrows to make them easier to find ;-)

When I looked at the pictures on my computer I discovered two other spots that I missed defore beceause of the content of the picture and the blue sky that was probably hiding them.

I'll have a talk with the store where my new camera came from and try to settle this once and for all with Canon.

I hope that a sensor cleaning will clear the spots.

Can't access the original sized image. The site seems to do that only for the member. Which is a good thing actually. To show it here, just crop the image in tight to one of the blobs.

The way you describe the spots, it sounds like dust on the sensor, which appear as out-of-focus blobs on the image. You should not have to put up with that from a brand new camera. Either Canon's assembly work and quality control is getting shoddy, or the camera was shown to another customer in the store, where a lens was attached and in the process dust got in the camera.

I'd accept nothing more than a new one ... IF you just got the camera. IF you've been using it, you could be the one that got dust in it.

Fact is DSLRs can, and will, get dust on the sensor because the lens is interchangeable and exposes the inner part of the camera.

I periodically have to clean the sensors on my Canon 1Ds, 1DMKII as well as my MF Kodak digital backs. I do not know what Canon recommends for the Digital Rebel, but I'd read the manual carefully so as to not void the warranty. On the 10D and 1D series cameras, the manual walks you through the cleaning procedure so you can do it yourself. If I had to send my cameras to Canon every time there was a dust spot on the sensor, they would be gone more than they'd be here.