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Summicron 35 Version


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Good afternood everybody and please be gentle with me because I have a very silly question: I've just acquired a mint Summicron 35 and I still haven't a definite vision if it's a fourth or a third version!
I konw both are great performers so I didn't care too much when I bought it but now it's really important to know what I have in my hands: here are some facts:
-S/N: 34401xx
-black, of course
-E39 filters
-focussing lever
-supplied with 12524 shade
-"leitz made in canada" engraved opposite of the DOF scale

Thanks in advance for the help

For Enrico De Rogatis, Sartorius's "Identifying Leica Lenses" says the 35mm/f2 Summicron [black]-with serial numbers between 2,970,000 to approximately 3,731,200 -- is the Fourth Version and "is considered one of the best high-speed wide-angle lenses in the world."-- bob cole
I have one more question, because I have the same doubt. Are all the Fourth Version, from Canada? or do we find from Made in Germany too.? and if it is, what are the differences.?
I have a V4 35 Cron made in Germany. There are no differences in optical the formula between the German and Canadian versions. One note to using this lens: When mount or removing the lens always use the base of the lens and don't twist by grabbing onto the lens shade. Over time you can loosen the lens doing it this way (as legend has it).
In response to Laurent De Palma's question whether all the 4th Version 35mm Summicrons were made in Canada, Sartorius says that a March 1997 Leica p&hlet quoted Leica as saying that the 4th version was made in Canada for "many years."
Jim Arnold says that he has one made in Germany but Leica does not mention Germany, possibly suggesting that only small amounts were made in Germany. --bob cole
Thanks to all of you.
I was first using a 35mm/1.4 asph. And now with my 4th Version 35mm Summicrons, I have better immages.
But the only problem that I have, it is not on the opical feature, but the rear cap don't stay on the lens. And maybe it is what Jim mentioned on his answer. How to solve it.? I use the 14269 rear cap. Do we need to use one other version of rear cap.?
For Laurent De Palma, all of the rear caps for Leica M lenses that I am familiar with are made of black plastic.They tend to loosen in time and don't fit well. Just try another one from a different M lens and it may fit better. If you don't have extras, you can find them in your local Leica shop or on line. --bob cole
Robert is right on the mark. There is one guy on the Photo.net Leica forum that is always bashing the construction of the V4 cron. He claims they used glue instead of grub screws to hold the front element. If you use the lens shade to put the lens on or take it off you can place stress on the front element causing it to loosen.
For Brian De Palma, B&H in New York City is offering a generic rear M cap [new] for $19.50 while the Leica cap, it says, is $35. You should be able to find good, clean,used ones on this site for much less. Somebody on this site might even donate one for you.-- bob cole