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test challenge

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I installed that plugin. This runs on another big site very successful for years.

We have now to test this and I try to figure out how to make the settings.

  • I created a subforum for all challenges.
  • This is a test-challenge thread. You can upload now sample images and we will see how this works with the voting and how it displays all uploded images and likes in this thread
  • The sum of likes in the topdisplay should be visible after the test-challenge stops, which should be Sunday 12 am European time
  • I also created a "how-to" thread for the explanation on how this shall work. We need to discus this too: https://dprforum.com/community/threads/how-do-photo-contests-work-photo-of-the-month-pom.501/
  • We need a good name for this. Shall it be challenges or photo contests or photo of the month?

Go ahead and play around. Upload photos in this test-thread.. Per posting only one photo. Do give likes, but not to all images, so we see how this will be displayed.

I have to leave now...
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Not open for further replies.