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Ahhh, okay. Just checking on the scaling used when uploading larger images. It's working because these are both oversize. Good to know thanks and there's no real noticeable IQ loss..

What happens this time with upload with "multiple" Yes that worked.

Just another test and I see no delete button yet. So manually deleted the images instead.

Maybe allow the hard delete function to delete the entire post by the user?
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Maybe allow the hard delete function to delete the entire post by the user?

This can always be done on request be a moderator.
This can always be done on request be a moderator.
Most phpBB forums allow the user to delete a post, otherwise they just do what I did and delete within that post and makes the post left there making no sense. Not a big deal either way, we can just change the body of the post to suit.
Most phpBB forums

I know and although we use a professional software here and not phpBB we would have theoretically the option to enable that here too. But we do not want to.

There are reasons for why specific things are handled here differently than with other forums. It is the experience we made in the past, when we had set it up differently.

We did not turn off some features in this software by accident ;)

At some point you have to trust us, that we are doing community management already for 20 years. No matter what kind of features an open source software might offer or is enabled on other forums. There are always pro and cons for features and you have to make at some point a decision when looking at the potential upsides and downsides of a specific feature. ;)
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Ahh yeah the feature I love on the 13 or so FB groups where I am either admin / moderator

I have no experience with FB groups, but I can tell you that with around 30 community forums I am running, these kind of requests happen maybe 1-2x a year in each forum. Easy to handle for the moderators. :z04-123:

Sometimes users also have to adapt how you can write and edit a long time before hitting the "publish" button. It is like with photography. You can create the images in the viewfinder before you hit the shutter or you have to do the work later on in postprocessing :z04-bier01: