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Testing forum and Foveon 3D


New Member
Just to start subforum with relevant something :)


Sigma SD14, 2011.
Custom WB (taken at sunny afternoon), cloudy weather, little adjustment in SPP. You can see some yellowness above too, but it doesn't distract. AWB or predefined WB settings produce worse colors.
Sure I have many images with green/yellow cast, which is not easy to remove.
And maybe my SD14 sensor is just a good one :) I have seen and analyzed quite a few (raw) images from different (older) Sigma cameras - every sensor is different, some just produce better colors than others.
I'm quite jealous you can make the SD14 colours look like this. Mine produced such frustrating colours, yellow/green cast and all that I gave up on it. DP2M colours seem to be much more natural, yet your SD14 looks great.
Hello Dave

Also SD14:

  • 50.0 mm
  • ƒ/11
  • 1/125 sec
  • Spot
  • Auto bracket
  • ISO 100
reminds me when I had my SD14 and SD15 I had so much fun!

I sold them and bought a DPM2 and DPM3. Stupid as I was, I sold them too and now the used prices are so high....