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Testing Photo Addition to thread


Purple Water Lily


  • water lily.jpg
    water lily.jpg
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I read the explainer. It said there were 2 ways to show images - embed, or upload. Gave the steps for uploading, explained the size limit. But it never explained how to embed. I'm thinking that embedding lets one link to a large file from somewhere like pBase?

Hi David,

unfortunately, there is no "one way" to embed. It depends on your webhoster and what he is allowing.

Example youtube: You simply copy the url and paste it into the text box. The video will appear.

With Flicker it is different. There you need to click at Flicker on "share" and then on the tab embed to get a different string, which you then paste in.

Where are you hosting your images?
I used in the textbox the icon "insert image" or CTRL+P. Then click on the link tab and insert the link in the address field.

Exif data are shown.

Maybe you can allow in yout pbase account setting larger images? If yes, try that out.