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DPRF is a spin-off of dpreview. We are a photography forum with people from all over the world freely sharing their knowledge and love of photography. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to the experienced professional. From smartphone to Medium Format.

DPRF is a community for everybody, every brand and every sensor format. Digital and film.
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Announcement Thank you for our successful launch!


Dear members,

we are only 3 days old. We started last Saturday afternoon and so many already joined us. We just passed the threshold of 200 registered members!!!


Thank you all for this great support! :z04-2171:

This is impressive especially if you think about all the attempts to block our initiative and bad-mouth us. :teufel-grinsend-schwanz:

We are here to stay. We set up this forum in a way so that we can grow longterm with a lot more members and are able to survive in the lon run, which is not as easy as most people think, if they do not have the experience.

Looking forward

This is only the beginning. It is like building a house. 3 days ago we just built the house foundation with this platform. We now need all your support and help, to build the next floor!

Old moderators of DPreview

As I said in the announcements, I am open for all old dpreview moderators. You might have seen that many old moderators of DPreview are already here. More might come. This will help us in making this transfer for you as convenient as possible.

I do not think that we will need a lot of moderation in the future, because you all are really nice guys, aren't you? :teufel-grinsend-schwanz:

Help with "the name of the game"

We will soon discuss ideas for the final name of this forum. I already registered DPreviewclone.com, but I doubt, that Amazon would be happy about this. But I could ask them, if you all think this would be the best idea.

So please help us with your creativity. Send us your ideas/suggestions for a future domainname by E-Mail to: feedback at dpreview.communitydummy dot com

before sending your ideas, please check first, whether your idea is still available to register. You can do this very easily here: www.whois.com

When it is already gone/ registered with someone else, then try another idea. Please do not use the word "dpreview" in it and only US domains (.com).

Use only the mentioned email address. No proposals in the forum, otherwise it might be gone before we had the time to reserve it for us :eek:

Thank you again for all of your support!
We will try our best to make this a really nice place where we can enjoy photography and geartalk! :z04-smiliebath:
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