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The birds have flown

Not so much flown... just never really landed here to begin with.

Many of the DPR forum members migrated to the standalone L-MOUNT Forum which was in existence before this multi-forum site was created. It's hosted by Dirk and uses the same forum software so it looks identical.

However L-MOUNT Forum has over 230 members and regular daily posts, so it's the place to be if you shoot L-Mount.
I haven't been keeping notes but the 'what's new' counter is usually 10+ new posts every day for me at the L-Mount-forum.com. This is about the same level of traffic that was on the old DPR L-mount forum so I think L-Mount-forum.com has picked up exactly where DPR left off. Which is great, because the posts are all good quality, people are friendly, and there's rarely any of the drama and nonsense that happened in the MFT forum.

While the DPR MFT forum had a much higher level of traffic, the regular posters seem to have scattered across five other forums so as a group, it really lost its impetus.
I think it is still early days and in the end it is the people that post on forums that effectively create their own forum.

The dpr L-Mount forum bounced back after I started this thread. I presume it will blow hot and cold depending upon thread material content.

Not sure of how long dpr will stagger along even Admin cannot give their moderators a date.

The M4/3 forum is still getting new members and threads started but the smaller forums find it harder to keep up interest even if they even lose just a few prolific members.

Sometimes a quick snap is better than slowly being torn off by the effects of desultory wear.