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the end is near


New Member
Hi there.

My 1st post here.
From Netherlands, I'm not the only one I've noticed.

Anyway, I own an Aria since it came out with a few lenses.
I quite our hobby some years ago, as I can't deal with the digital shit..

Now I want to pick it up again and want to know which dslr is the best buy to replace my beloved aria, so I can use my zeiss-lenses with an adapter.

So, now I go on the search...

Hi nofocus,

welcome at Contaxinfo!

As long as you want to have fullframe DSLR, there is no way to compete with the Aria in size and weight.

The easiest way to use C/Y lenses is on Canon bodies. But after testing it, I am not a fan of it. Check the Leitax pages. There you get more options for little money to adapt your lenses for more different lens mounts.

With Sony NEX cameras, there are now even more easy options to use the lenses. Check out Sony NEX 5N (not the normal "5").

Best wishes