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Think Tank Retrospective 30 v2 - Will it fit - looking for a camera bag that will also take my laptop

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I am looking at https://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/retrospective-30-v2-0 and it's so close...
I have a 17in lap top. Its actual dimensions are 14 3/4 in by 9 3/4in by 3/4in. The specs for the bag say it can fit a 15in laptop but the internal size for the bag is 15in wide. The laptop pouch is listed as 14.2in wide. Did they really add .8in padding on the sides of the laptop pouch? I cannot find the bag in stock anywhere I can drive to.

Does anyone have one? If so how much can you stuff into the laptop pouch?
I do not have one, but can you not send it back in case it is too small? If you live all the price tags etc. on it, it will not be used.

In my experience with other bags it will be too small for your laptop. Even if you are able to squeeze it in as long as the bag is empty, as soon as you put your camera in it, things get a lot more tighten. You do not want to risk to break your laptop.
I suppose I could return it. I try to avoid that as much as possible. Hence why I asked here. I actually reached out to customer support at Think Tank and they measured an actual bag and figured the pouch could hold 14.75in. So, I'm going to order it and try. I will specifically check out what you pointed out when I get it.

I'll report back when I have the bag.
I know its not the model you are asking about, but I have the TT retrospective 7 v2 & its internal laptop slot is 13" long by 9" tall (as just measured by me) if that helps work things out to the size of your bag?

For future reference I received the bag and it does fit.