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This is all about ME!


1. Always lived in the UK.
2. Currently live on the south coast.
3. Used to be a Canon fanboy as both a film and digital photographer.
4. Switched to Fuji-X because (a) just love the "vintage" controls (b) wanted smaller, lighter more portable gear.
5. Favourite subjects: landscape, architecture, infrared.
6. First camera - Kodak Brownie Cresta II - which I still have. But it doesn't get used a lot now!
7. Last(?) camera - probably an X-T5.
8. Favourite town - Chicago.
9. Favourite food - oysters.
10. Favourite film - Raising Arizona or Fujifilm Acros 100 (see what I did there!).
. . . and 11. As mad as hell with Bezos's DPR vandalism.
Well, that's enough about me; how about you?